Our racking systems for outdoor use will make your goods weatherproofed

It is often necessary to store goods outside. Roofed racking systems are a suitable option for this purpose, depending on requirements. But when it comes to shielding coated products against UV radiation, for example, they do not provide sufficient protection. The “solution”: In order to minimise any damage caused by the weather, resistant goods in particular have been stored outside. The options for allocating storage space were therefore limited. Flexible warehouse use looks different.

ELVEDI has taken up the subject at the request of a customer. It is not as if there had not been approaches to weatherproof outdoor storage before. However, heavy roller and sliding doors are impractical and temporary tarpaulin constructions do not provide reliable protection. ELVEDI has developed a system which is very easy to handle and safely shields all kinds of goods against unwanted environmental influences.

The main component of our weather protection is a splash-proof and air-permeable tarpaulin that can be opened and closed quickly and safely thanks to an electric motor. The tarpaulin can be easily operated from a forklift with the help of a remote control.Thanks to a special substructure behind the tarpaulin, the weather protection can withstand the wind forces even with maximum rack lengths of twelve metres.

Our weatherproof rack is available for both cantilever and pallet racking. The cantilever arm version is particularly suitable for long goods made of wood and metal with lengths of up to twelve metres. Like all system solutions from ELVEDI, the weather protection racking is modular and is designed according to individual customer requirements.