Our mobile racks set all warehouse goods in motion

Storage space is limited. In order to make the best possible use of the available space, mobile racking systems come into play. A speciality of ELVEDI: Depending on the load, we offer two different versions for different industries and storage goods. Like all system solutions from ELVEDI, our mobile racking systems are modular in design and are constructed to meet individual customer requirements. Thanks to their modular design, the racking systems can be modified quickly and easily if necessary.

Only at ELVEDI: We have extended our range of cantilever racks by a vertically movable rolling rack for light loads of 5-6 tons per carriage. This solution is especially suitable for the high-density individual storage of long goods with great variety and high turnover rates. Our rolling rack is particularly popular among window manufacturers. The innovation: The racks are pulled out vertically at the front side and don’t have to be moved horizontally like the heavy mobile racks with rails. The trolleys are thus pulled out vertically; a space-consuming driving aisle is no longer necessary. This means that the floor space can be used to its full potential: Employees can store and retrieve material on several racks simultaneously. Rails are not required.

Another ELVEDI solution is suitable for particularly large and heavy goods of all kinds: Our heavy sliding racking system moves loads of well over 100 tons. In contrast to the rolling rack, the trolleys cannot be moved manually or by forklift truck but are moved on rails with the help of electric motors. Another difference between the two racking systems: The heavy sliding rack is available both as cantilever and pallet racks. The users come from the wood industry, steel trade, mechanical engineering and food industry and many more. Our sliding racking system is suitable for a variety of applications, including the storage of exceptionally heavy and valuable timber.